Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) shall be defined as the Air Navigation Services Engineering and Technical electronic professionals who have been proven competent to operate and maintain operational Air Navigation systems and networks that affect the integrity of the information at an air traffic controller’s workstation or the integrity of the information received by a pilot and other stakeholders. They are usually employed by an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP).

ATSEPs are engineers, technicians, hard- and software specialists who are responsible for the specification, procurement , installation, calibration, maintenance, flight testing and certification of ground electronic systems controlling aircraft movements.

The role of ATSEP in Air Traffic Safety

- Provides to be operated 7 days/24 hours actively of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Systems,

- Implements protective and preventive maintenances of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Systems,

- Makes needs assessment of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Systems and develops project and provides logistic assistance,

- Prepares specification for procurements and evaluates offers of companies and gives technical consultancy service in tenders,

- Performs place determination, assembling and place tests of systems, ;

- Make temporary and final acceptance of systems,

- Is authorized to give system certification,

- Performs flight control tests together with flight control team,

- Decides to remove old systems and makes their disassembly,

- Sets up rules about information safety and takes measurements thereof,

- Performs modification in current systems according to requirement,

- Supports for software of existing systems and develops software if required,

- Fulfills workings about modernization of current systems by following new technologies and develops and applies projects,

- Undertakes active duty in informing and evaluating of events influencing flight safety and in taking of measurements

- Takes under protect the registration of all data ( radar, wireless, telephone, data etc. ) on the subject of flight safety and helps to analyzing if necessary,

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